The more we Love the more we get pain,

but still we keep trusting time and again,

Love is the pain and Love is the cure,

Is this the sweetest thing in the world,

no I am not sure.

But I heard love is lifes core,

without it life would be a bore,

I want to forget but still the heart wants more,

looking at the setting sun sitting in the shore,

I look for you in a smile,a memory,a feeling,or a moment from before,

you are my darling,my sweetheart and you are one in a crore.


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Larry Lewis said...

As i'm not a poet it sounds stupid to say "i couldn't have put my feelings down better if i tried". You really captured something for me here.

Abhisek Panda said...

Thanks Larry :D

FAYE said...

Nice poem! =)
The picture fits perfectly for the poem itself. The girl is so lucky for you have made a poem for her. =)

Jessica Brant said...

It is nice to know that me have passion within them and can express it in words so eloquently as you have

Abhisek Panda said...

Thanks Faye and Jess :D

JIM said...

a man of many talents, Abhisek this was really have a talent for writing. For touching the heart. It is a pleasure to know of you

Ravenmyth said... are a true romantic. Beautiful poem...comes from the heart and delivers the essense of Love....

This would make a beautiful Hallmark Card sentiment....

We all need more love in our lives...definitley following....

Dangerous Linda said...

sweet & sentimental -- thank you for showing an aspect of "maleness" we don't often see in mainstream culture...

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