A girl as beautiful as moon,
Her eyes dazzle as moonlight,
Looking into her eyes gives an unknown pleasure,
Fills the heart with delight,

Can't stop thinking about her,
Nights are dreamy and days are quite,
Flying up in the air,
The heart feels so lite,
She is the string,
Controlling the Kite,
She is the only colour,
From darkest dark to the brightest bright,
Everything seems wrong,
She is the only right,
Damn I am lost now,
Is this what they call "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT".


Mitali said...

It's so beautiful Abhi.You are truly romantic.

Sonia said...

You truly love and respect beauty.First time visit and loved your blog.

Dangerous Linda said...

you are such a romantic!

FherYmas said...

It's a great feeling, and often without reason. I can't answer that right away. Yes is love at first sight.

Vibha said...

These are the words that are hidden in every lover. Especially, when you are newly in love. You have put them down beautifully. Hatsoff :)


beautifully penned thought...:))

vaisakhi said...

beautiful expressions....n deeply romantic...:)

JIM said...

A true romantic,,good for you!!! The string controlling the kite..great imagery

Ravenmyth said...

Absolutley beautiful...and love the supporting photo's. As always, I feel that photography adds the visual to the beautiful words spoken...

I did expereince Love at First Site...we have been together now for 16 years. Yes, your words pretty much sum it up...thank you for the memory...

Debbie said...

Beautiful..... A romantic at heart!

Rimly said...

Such a romantic poem Abhisek. Beautiful

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