Open the window,

Have a glance,

It's a new day..a new season,

Listen to the raindrop chants,

Feel the freshness in the air,

Step out and take a chance,

See the birds flying free,

Finding love from Paris to France,

A little talk a little dance,

That's the story of ROMANCE.


Geets said...

lovely sweet poem!!!

charlie nitric said...

Hello Abhisek -

Very very good poem and romantically supported by the great photos. :)

Ravenmyth said...

Love this is full of play and feels like laughter and has the feeling of singing Romance to the Roof Tops...


pics are adding here extra flavor to ur beautiful compilation.....

Nicely done mannnnnn...:))

Avii said...

A sweet one.. :)

Abhisek Panda said...

@Geets Thanks :D
@Charlie Thanks :D
@Raven Thanks :D
@Irfan bhai Thanks :D
@Avii Thanks dude :D

vaisakhi said...

this was super sweet n very rhythmic...loved the flow...u can actually turn it to a song...:)

wanderer said...

good one,
do check out my poem, celebrating love and rain :)

dAnieL"Ming9007 said...

nice poems dude..
it's a new day .. a new reason and a new life with someone that we love...^_^

naimishika said...

hi abhishek, ur blog looks gorgeous.. nice and great keet it up

Jessica M said...

Romance...a beautiful thing :) Lovely poem.

FAYE said...

Sooo sweet! I like the photos especially with the rain. =p I love rain .. so what can I say?

Nelieta said...

Hi Abhisek, the poem and photos are perfect for each other!

Well done and very romantic!!!

melissa said...

The best memories I have of my love is this... and will perhaps, stay only in my dreams... I love playing under the rain...

Debbie said...

Kissing in the rain .... so romantic...

Love it!

Andy said...

Nice poem.

I found your blog from my recent visit to Facebook Group "Bloggers" when I posted my poem Humility Of A Flower.

As a writer of love poetry, I'm all about love and romance. It's what I know, what I live for and who I am.

My newest poem is here, if you'd like to read it:
Under Blinking Stars

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