On The Wall Of My Heart

On the wall of my heart a picture is hanging
When I look at the picture I feel like singing
But still I don't know why is this happening
Is this the time of the real awakening
all day long I hear sounds and think
is it the phone or my ears that are ringing
It never happened before and it's really freaking
me out Everything tastes the same that I am eating and drinking
Am I safe or am I sinking
Oh picture what are you doing
I am just a kid and still learning

Image Courtesy-Google Images

This poem was first published by me in my group blog We Have A Story .If you would like to contribute in my group blog...let me know via the contact page.    


Hina said...

Awesome Poem Abhisek :)


wow....what to say.... BEAUTIFUL :D

Best wishes,

Deepika said...

nice one.. it rhymes.. :)
u have a good blog here :)

Monu Awalla said...

nice 1

Mehek said...

Love this poem...keep writing dear :)

Alicia said...

Nice poem and a nice blog Abhisek :]

Alfandi said...


JIM said...

Your not sick you just in love.. you don't need analyzing ..its not so surprising

Ok I don't remember the rest of the lyrics lol
Well written with great imagery

baldychaz said...

Lovely poem mate and a splendid looking blog ;)

Arti said...

Wonderful rhythmic words, excellent composition :)

Andy said...

I've been browsing your blog. You have some nice work. I definitely feel the love theme. The images you use also help to add depth & clarity.
Very nice.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks also for joining the Party I recently held at my blog. Everyone who attended has great talent. To incorporate 27 different styles of poetry into one was no easy feat, but the final poem turned out better than I had expected. The after party video was hilarious too. Thanks for your efforts & for the visit too. I appreciate it.


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